Our Story


A long time ago, in far away Cape Town, a group of teenage girls embarked
on a lengthy European school trip. The South African exchange rate was poor
at the time and travel expenses proved to be exceptionally high. That didn’t
dampen the spirit of one such individual, who packed in a foot long portion of
the finest biltong to overcome the costs of snacking. Each day saw a new
slice, a new country, memorable experiences and growing friendships.

From that point on, biltong became her comfort food when road tripping,
hiking and sharing further adventure with friends and family in years to come.
Her desire to seek new adventures became an integral part of her lifestyle
and eventually the driving force behind the Trekkers brand.

Trekker’s biltong is packed with protein. It has zero additives, zero sugars,
zero nitrates, zero preservatives, its gluten free and is keto friendly.
It’s comfort food for that next road trip, weekend get-together or ultimate

Seek new places. Fuel your next adventure.